The quality of your grass is determined by seed purity, germination, and matching seeds with the right soil conditions. Because of a superior reputation in the market, GM Seed Cleaning sources only the finest Canadian forage and lawn grass seed.


Forage Seed

Forage seed has been developed for growing hay and seeding pastureland. The type of seed you use will be determined by the kind of livestock it will support, the soil in which the seed will be grown, and your overall budget.

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Lawn Grass

Lawn grass has been developed for domestic and recreational applications. You might be looking for a product that will grow the perfect lawn. Maybe you need grass for a park, golf course, schoolyard, or campground. We’ll help you match lawn grass seed with your specific soil conditions and budget. We sell a complete range of varieties that are ideal for ornamental usage or high-traffic locations.

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Conversion Table

Crop Bushels/tonne Pounds/bushel
Wheat 36.744 60
Oats 64.842 34
Barley 45.930 48
Rye 39.368 56
Flaxseed 39.368 56
Canola 44.092 50
Corn 39.368 60
Soybeans 36.744 60
Peas 36.744 60
Sorghum 39.368 56
Buckwheat 45.930 48
Mustard Seed 44.092 50
Sunflower Seed 73.487 30
2,204.62 lbs = 1 tonne
Source: Canada Grains Council