Less than optimal field conditions can reduce the quality of your harvested grain. At GM Seed Cleaning, we can improve quality with our three-stage cleaning plant. We operate year-round, removing foreign material, including ergot, other grain, seeds from weeds or other plants, stones, insects, and dust. We process cereal grain, flax, Canola, peas, and a full variety of other seed products.

We routinely exceed the Canadian Seed Institute’s test standards for the seed cleaning and certified seed growers industry. As a result of our commitment to maintaining the industry’s highest standards, we currently hold a multi-year exemption on the C.S.I.’s inspection and re-certification process.

Conversion Table

Crop Bushels/tonne Pounds/bushel
Wheat 36.744 60
Oats 64.842 34
Barley 45.930 48
Rye 39.368 56
Flaxseed 39.368 56
Canola 44.092 50
Corn 39.368 60
Soybeans 36.744 60
Peas 36.744 60
Sorghum 39.368 56
Buckwheat 45.930 48
Mustard Seed 44.092 50
Sunflower Seed 73.487 30
2,204.62 lbs = 1 tonne
Source: Canada Grains Council